Experimental and empathic furniture by GoodMorning Studio

This year in Milan Design Market GoodMorning studio is ready to present their new brand of furnishing accessories, objects and lightings. Their perspective, style and how they merge the aesthetics with emotions in our everyday life objects, so we are really excited to share their passion with you.

We know you as GoodMorning studio, but who you really are? How did you gathered and create this studio? What is your story?

We are a couple of designers in life and in work, our "project path" began with the Polytechnic of Milan, where we met. GoodMorning studio has always been our "dream" and it is still a dream because we think different developements in what could be our future activities. This is the starting point to start writing our story.

What particular aspects of your background and upbringing have influenced your design approach?

We grew up in different places between sea, countryside and city and had different previous design experiences in the field of architecture and design. This did nothing but give GoodMorning studio the right mix of ingredients to approach design.

How do you describe your products?

Our products and our first collection are experimental and want to be empathetic. Experimental because it is our first public step and we are curious about the reactions that this experience will provoke. Empathic because they want to transmit our emotions and our visions that have driven us to design them. With "#operaprima" we imagined being able to replicate in three table lamps the industrial and anonymous architectures of the piezometric towers or water towers trying to make them light and elegant with the use of brass and glass, "mixing" processes and different treatments applied to individual materials. With the console we thought we could dedicate "a moment of tranquility" to those who start the day with their beauty rituals or who conclude it with a last cuddle before to sleep. And finally, the chair: decomposing it to try to achieve it with a single material and a single workmanship and making it dismountable was our attempt to have a low environmental impact on production.

This year you are also launching a new experimental collection that you say it is the result of visions and personal experiences of designers. Could you tell us briefly about this fusion?

We would like to convey emotions to those who choose to buy our products by transmitting our passion for craftsmanship. We have always been fascinated by the production techniques and the workings that, together with the inspirations deriving from what surrounds us, become an incentive to imagine new objects, lamps and furnishing accessories. We really believe in the "know how" and made in Italy as an added value to the world of Italian design. Our past experiences lead us to believe in Italian manufacturing even though in our country it is difficult to succeed in supporting small entrepreneurship.

Your products are inspired from our daily lives, and how is 1 day of the designers like you? How your daily life routine effects your design?

Our days always start with a coffee. We often visit the artisans during the week and we like to discuss with them the work and materials. We alternate our computer work with practical moments in which we experiment with solutions for our future objects. Everything around us becomes the excuse to imagine something new and that we would like to achieve. Despite our commitments we always try to carve out some time for our personal interests and perhaps make others "dreams".

As you are stimulated from everyday lives, are there any magazines, social media, programs that you follow daily?

Of course. Being aware of what the market and research offers daily is an excellent exercise to always do better and always questioning. Smartphones and tablets help us with the consultation of digital magazines and blogs, social media such as Instagram and Pinterest keep us updated on the latest news from professionals in our field.

What inspires you the most?

We are curious, try to capture insights from our travels, from the cities that we visit, the food, the use traditions and customs of people, how they are produced, how they are produced and how they can be disposed of.

In your opinion, nowadays what are the most interesting developments in design?

The rediscovery of craftsmanship and artisan skill combined with the use of production technologies and machinery. Some processes were unthinkable until a few decades ago. Today, robotics, materials research and experiments on processing, along with the knowledge of the craftsmen, allow to realize everything.

What advice would you give to young designers?

To risk, try, believe it and realize their ideas. Throwing oneself. Always have a dream and strive to make it real. We would have liked to have this advice from someone and start to cultivate our passion time before.